Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Read, Write, Lead: Chapter 6

More book study on Regie Routman's Read, Write, Lead ...

Chapter 6

Reminder: This year I'm in a book study focusing on Regie Routman's Read, Write, Lead with literacy specialists. I'm reflecting on them here. The ASCD created a study guide with thought-provoking questions. We were encouraged either to choose one question from guide and react, or to choose a resonating quote and explain why it struck us. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

"When the culture shifted to kids first, the finger pointing which put everyone on the defensive stopped."
I want this at my school! It often feels like teachers of all positions are constantly looking for a way to prove that they work harder, work longer, teach better, and complain more accurately than everyone else. We need to focus on the kids and how to help them as a team, rather than spending so much energy talking behind other teachers' backs. This culture brings all to a defensive position: hardly the best vantage point for improving literacy.

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