Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Read, Write, Lead: Chapter 4

More book study on Regie Routman's Read, Write, Lead ...

Chapter 4

Image result for test studentsReminder: This year I'm in a book study focusing on Regie Routman's Read, Write, Lead with literacy specialists. I'm reflecting on them here. The ASCD created a study guide with thought-provoking questions. We were encouraged either to choose one question from guide and react, or to choose a resonating quote and explain why it struck us. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
"A major problem with such assessments is the misuse of valuable time for teachers and students--time that could go toward actually teaching reading and having students read meaningful texts." and "In the early grades in particular, partner reading is a terrific way to accelerate important aspects of reading progress--fluency, word recognition, comprehension, and enjoyment."
This strikes me because of my current obsession with the latest PD I attended: ExC-ELL. The PD focused on a structure and method for teaching ELs (which would work for all students) and which emphasizes instructing with close reading methods, on grade level texts, with rigorous speaking and writing expectations, and partner reading. 

I realize now that I was putting too much focus on the DRA (our assessment tool), as if it was a method for improving student reading and academic achievement, instead of seeing it for what it is: an assessment. It is not the focus, the kids are the focus. 

And two ways to achieve an academically striving student is through partner reading and learning through writing. I wanted to pull a quote from the chapter about high quality writing instruction as an approach for improved reading skills, but I already chose two quotes out of the one suggested. ( :0) )

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